FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I already have employees. Why should I hire an outside consultant?

A consultant provides a fresh set of eyes. We are not part of the “company culture” and provide an unbiased view of your operation. And because we visit many operators, we can provide you with ideas that your employees may never come up with.

Another benefit of a consultant is saving time. Quality aviation employees are hard to come by with our current rate of industry growth. By using us, your staff are able to focus on their primary tasks; and you get the most qualified people working on your special projects.

Consultants cost too much money. I already have employees that should be doing that work.

Employees are generally busy just keeping up with their regular jobs; leaving no room to improve your operation. Improving the operation can come by way of enhanced efficiency, improvements to safety, and an increase in quality; retaining existing customers and driving growth.

By spending a little, you can actually gain a lot – or at least protect yourself from losses; our audit services routinely save companies thousands of dollars in potential fines from TC by finding the problems proactively.

How do taxes work on your services?

Our products and services are HST exempt at this time. Certain training courses are also eligible for tuition tax receipts. Please refer to our pricing for current details.

I have a project, but your website doesn't list it as something you do. Should I contact you?

Absolutely. Many of our most successful endeavours have been the ideas of customers. We will prepare a complete outline for your custom solution and navigate the project with you.

What makes your courses different than everyone else's?

Our training courses are just that – training. They are not “exam prep”. We do not show you how to pass a TC exam during a short cram session. We explain and teach so that the knowledge stays with you and provides a lasting benefit.

Do you offer ground school or other training for the PPL, CPL, instrument rating, etc?

We are proud to offer advanced training courses and consultative services. In order to focus on this, we do not offer ab-initio training courses.

If I pay for a course on your website, is my personal and credit card information safe?

Our site uses 128 bit SSL encryption, the same technology used in online banking. For added security, all transactions are made directly through PayPal’s secure payment system.

What is your refund policy for on-line courses?

On-line course are NOT refundable.

Can my friends use my password to access on-line courses?

Course are licensed to one individual only. Our system will lock out accounts that it believes have been shared.

Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Do any flight schools pay for their instructors to attend a course?

Many schools reimburse the tuition fee paid by attendees, while the attendee pays for transportation and room/board if required. Some flight schools pay for everything, and some do not reimburse instructors at all. We suggest every instructor attending discuss their situation with their school to see if the flight training unit will cover some of the cost.

What if I have to cancel my attendance at a flight instructor refresher course?

We know that sometimes things don’t work out. Please review our cancellation policy for complete details.

What is a refresher course like? I've never been to one.

The on-line portion of the course provides all the necessary background info you’ll need as an attendee and is designed to be a learning experience, not a test. The two days on-site will contain further presentations from experts, but will not be “just a lecture”. Significant time is set aside for attendees to work in small groups practicing techniques, discussing flight training, developing training plans, preparing analysis, etcetera. There are open discussions for the entire group as well. It is a time for all instructors present to work together to learn new techniques and improve their knowledge and skill. It’s a learning experience for everyone – in other words, a great form of professional development.

Is this course appropriate for a Class 4 renewal?

The short answer is yes! We have a variety of all instructor classes at our courses from many different flight schools. Not only do all instructors benefit from our course, but also from the input, experiences and ideas of the other instructors attending the course.

What days and times are Instructor Refresher Courses scheduled?

The on-line component is completed at your leisure prior to the in-person course. We do our best to schedule the two day classroom component at different times throughout the year. Often it is a Monday/Tuesday as those are statistically the slowest flying days for most instructors. Other courses may be scheduled on weekends which may work better for others. Please review our current schedule here.

What types of transportation are available to courses in Guelph?

Free parking is available for all attendees and the facility is less than 10 minutes off of Highway 401. For attendees flying their own aircraft, the hotel is only 20km from Waterloo International Airport (CYKF). Convenient airline service is available from Toronto Pearson (CYYZ). Please contact us if you require further information.

What types of transportation are available to courses in Cornwall?

Free parking is available for all attendees and the facility is less than 10 minutes off of Highway 401. For attendees traveling from greater distances, Cornwall is conveniently linked to Montreal (Trudeau) International Airport (CYUL) via rail. Transportation by car is also convenient from both CYUL and CYOW (Ottawa). In addition, attendees in the Windsor – Halifax corridor can take advantage of regular ViaRail service. Please contact us if you require further information.

If I stay at the hotel in Guelph, do I need transportation such as a rental car to get around the city?

No. All necessary facilities including restaurants are available at or within walking distance of the hotel.

If I stay at the hotel in Cornwall, do I need transportation such as a rental car to get around the city?

No. All necessary facilities including restaurants are available at or within walking distance of the hotel.

How do I renew my instructor rating following the course?

Upon successful completion of all course requirements, we will issue you a course completion certificate and submit your name and file number to Transport Canada. You will need to complete Part A ONLY of a Rating Application Form (26-0083) and mail it along with a copy of the course completion certificate and $30 rating application fee to your local TC office. We will also provide you with a certified true copy of your completion certificate to carry with your license; granting temporary privileges until TC mails your license booklet sticker. This process will be reviewed on the last day of the course.

Can I use this course if my rating expires on (insert a date here)?

TC will grant rating extensions in order to allow you to attend a course under certain circumstances, please contact us for details. As long as your Aeroplane instructor rating is valid on the first day of the course, you can use this course to renew your rating if you meet the other CARs requirements to do so. Your rating is valid to the end of the day noted on your license. For example, a rating that expires June 1st is valid on June 1st. If the course starts June 1st and runs until June 3rd, your rating will expire for a few days, but at the conclusion of the course you can still renew your rating. Remember that it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure this course can be used to renew your rating; you may want to ask your local TC inspector about your particular situation. For balloon, glider, and ultra-light instructors the rating does not need to be valid at the time of the course.

Can I use this course to renew a Balloon, Glider, Ultra-Light, or Gyroplane instructor rating?

You may renew Aeroplane, Balloon, Glider, and Ultra-Light instructor ratings through this course. The CARs do not permit renewal of Gyroplane instructor ratings through Flight Instructor Refresher Courses.

How many times may I use this course to renew my rating?

You may renew your Aeroplane instructor rating two consecutive times through the course (every 3rd renewal needs to be via flight test). Balloon, Glider, and Ultra-Light instructor ratings may be renewed unlimited consecutive times through the course.

What are the backgrounds and qualifications of the course presenters?

All of our presenters are highly experienced in their areas of expertise. Various qualifications include: Class 1 instructors, current and former Chief Flight Instructors and Directors of Flight Operation, corporate (604), charter (703), and airline (705) turbine and pilot training experience, advanced flight display instructors, entrepreneurs who have built their own flight schools, flight school managers, NavCanada air traffic controllers, pilot examiners, SMS and human factors specialists, maintenance engineers, Transportation Safety Board investigators, and Transport Canada inspectors. Our current presenter roster can be found here.

How do I obtain the special hotel rate?

Details will be provided once you have submitted your registration for the course.

Do I need to purchase any special supplies or equipment?

No, we will provide any special materials you may need as part of your course fee. You will be required to cover incidental costs such as printing, food, transportation, accommodation, TC rating application fee, etc.

May I register for the course at the door?

No. The on-line component of the course must be completed before the in-class portion. Registration closes no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the course (earlier if the course sells out) to ensure sufficient time to complete the on-line component.

When is my payment due?

Payment in full must be completed at the time of registration – either on line or by phone. Your seat in the course is not confirmed until payment is received.

Do you issue tuition receipts? When will I receive one?

We are authorized to issue CRA form T2202A which is a tuition receipt you can use on your personal income taxes. The forms are sent out in February the year following your course. You will also receive a regular receipt for payment at the time of your enrollment.

Why should I take a refresher course instead of doing a flight test?

While a flight test proves what you already know, a refresher course covers many new topics allowing you to expand your skill set; making you more marketable and successful as an instructor. This can also help prepare you to upgrade your rating; giving you the potential to earn more income. The course itself is less expensive than renting an airplane and doing a flight test; plus you get a tuition receipt to reduce your income taxes. Finally, interacting with instructors from across the country helps you build a professional network you can call on throughout your career.