Safety Management Systems (SMS)

For many operators, the entire concept of SMS is overwhelming, especially when they look at what has to be done to implement the system. SMS is a very valuable tool, that’s why we want to help ensure that you have a vibrant and effective program; we don’t want you bogged down in paper work trying to figure out how to create a great program from scratch.

Aviation Solutions is proud to offer high quality assistance with your SMS program at a reasonable price. We know what you want: a safe operation with no accidents. We also know what you don’t want: a cumbersome system of paperwork that keeps you from the job you already do. It is possible to have both, especially if you retain us to get you started on your SMS program. We will work with you to create a program that suits your operation; not just provide “another off-the-shelf” manual that doesn’t suit the way you do business; a proper SMS is unique and appropriate to the size and scope of your operation.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Our role as consultants is not just to hand you a manual with your company name on the front. SMS doesn’t work unless the program is tailored to your unique needs with management and staff understanding the principles behind it. We start by helping clarify what SMS is about and how to implement it. Then we can formalize an SMS plan for you. Aviation Solutions can also conduct the training your employees require and assist with other aspects such as developing the necessary resources and manuals. Because we focus on Safety Management Systems, we can work efficiently and effectively on getting your operation set up. We won’t leave you wondering what to do after we’re gone, because your SMS Manager can contact us with questions through our mentor program.

Find out how we can work with you to reduce your incident rate, save you money, and grow your business. With Aviation Solutions, SMS does not have to be an overwhelming experience. Please see below for detailed information and to contact us.

Introduction to SMS Presentation $499

The fundamentals of SMS explained in a practical and straight-forward manner. The presentation covers all TC required aspects for small operators and can be geared towards any employee or management group. The presentation is 2-3 hours in length.


SMS Packages

While we serve all types and sizes of operator, we have put together two packages for single certificate holders operating 10 or less aircraft at one base*.

These services are available to larger operators as well, and are quoted based on the size and complexity of the operation.

  • Safety Evaluation


    Basic Package

    Review all safety documentation:
    Staff and Students
    Gap Analysis:
    Action items and timelines
    Report presentation:
    Other Presentations:
    SMS for Aviation Owners and Managers
    Customized SMS Manual:
    Emergency Response Plan:
    Training session for SMS Manager:
    Follow up implementation audit at 90 days:
    6 month mentoring service via phone and email for your SMS Manager:
    Review all safety documentation
    Gap Analysis
    Report presentation
    Other Presentations
    Customized SMS Manual
    Emergency Response Plan
    Training session for SMS Manager
    Follow up implementation audit at 90 days
    6 month mentoring service via phone and email for your SMS Manager

*Travel fees extra, Service is tax exempt, Price applies to small operators only (single certificate, less than 10 aircraft)