Advanced Training Courses

We offer a variety of advanced training courses appropriate for both aviation students, and licensed pilots. All of our presentations have a focus on scenario based training and maintaining a high level of student involvement.

Flight Instructor Upgrade Course

Aviation Solutions has developed a series of unique and effective one day programs to prepare flight instructors for the Class 1 and Class 2 upgrades. These programs cover the necessary material for the flight test and written exam; and also look at how to effectively and responsibly use the new privileges you will receive. Like our other programs, these courses are in-depth and share industry best practices with those in attendance. For further information, please click here.

Thunderstorms and Icing

An introduction to the world of “bad weather flying” we look at the fundamentals of winter operations, and operations in areas of convective activity. Technical topics such as de-icing fluids and thunderstorm development are covered, along with the associated “arts” of radar interpretation, icing escape techniques, and more. This course is ideal both for pilots transitioning to IFR, and as an annual refresher for private pilots and those in commercial operations.

Introduction to Turbines and Advanced Systems

A complete, yet simple, introduction to jets, turbofans, and turboprops. The course also covers fundamentals of the advanced systems associated with turbine aircraft such as de-icing, hydraulics, electrics, and pressurization. We can also include other ATPL topics such as high altitude aerodynamics. Aviation Solutions is pleased to customize this training day to suit our clients’ needs.

Human Factors (MCM Compliant)

Beyond the basics of the “dirty dozen”, we take an in depth look at today’s most concerning trends with human performance. We are pleased to modify this training session to focus on pilots, AMEs, or flight instructors, so that the content is both relevant and thought provoking. This course meets the CARs requirements for HF training by those who conduct elemental work and servicing.

Crew Resource / Threat and Error Management

Using Flight Management Competencies as the foundation, we cover CRM and pilot decision making in the multi-crew environment, along with such topics as leadership and followership, the flight management cycle, and effective use of all available resources. Threat and error management covers practical application such as UAS recovery, analysis, and organizational risk assessment.

Integrated Flight Decks

A background on advanced systems such as autopilots, terrain awareness, traffic collision avoidance, and other equipment leads to a full lesson on the fundamentals of operating the “glass cockpit”.

Please note that we do not schedule these courses open to the public. The courses are available to individuals and organizations who arrange to have us present the chosen program, and also arrange those who wish to attend. To arrange for a course, please contact us.

Custom Courses


We are also pleased to construct unique programs that meet your unique needs. If you think of a course that’s not listed here, just ask; we’ll create it for you.

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