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Upcoming Course Dates

  • Apr 28th - Apr 29th (Sat-Sun) Cornwall, ON
  • May 28th - May 29th (Mon-Tues) Guelph, ON
  • Aug 27th - Aug 28th (Mon-Tues) Guelph, ON
  • Nov 19th - Nov 20th (Mon-Tues) Guelph, ON

Distinction, Quality, Value: Our Story

The year was 2006, and Transport Canada ceased offering FIRCs. A group of flight instructors saw a need in Canada for a high quality FIRC that was centred around the needs of the flight instructors attending – nothing on the market seemed to fit that bill. They wanted to put customer service first, offer it at a fair value, and they wanted to schedule enough courses every year to make the program accessible to all.

Through this, the Aviation Solutions instructor refresher program was born.

The instructors that built the program started with a clean slate; looking at what areas were weak, and what areas people wanted more information on. Make no mistake, the term “refresher” doesn’t mean “review”. Aviation Solutions is proud to offer a program that builds on the basics while looking steadily at the future, and is truly a professional development program. Through improving the skill and abilities of the attending instructors, they are better equipped to build their businesses and careers.

Aviation Solutions has been the only forward thinking organization to introduce a hybrid on-line/in-person course because it was in the best interest of the attendees. Aviation Solutions has also graduated more classes than any other course provider. All of the lessons are regularly updated to reflect the latest trends, data, accident synopsis, and best practices that exist in the industry. Pride is taken in being the leader of disseminating advances in pilot training – developing new module topics regularly.

All of the lessons presented at the FIRC use a wide variety of resources; and lessons are built around real accident and incident events. The presenters are all passionate, experienced, and successful professionals – including Class 1 Instructors, Chief Flight Instructors, Pilot Examiners, Airline Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Accident and Air Safety Investigators, Human Factors Specialists, Maintenance Engineers, Lawyers, Aviation Managers, and Entrepreneurs. They have a combined 300+ years of aviation experience and represent over 24 different FTUs, Air Operators, and Organizations providing a variety of opinions and insights. Most importantly, they all have one thing in common – a genuine desire to improve the safety and quality of flight training in Canada. They take a sincere interest in working with every attendee to help them be the very best they can be.

That’s the Aviation Solutions difference.

What it's like

The course is meant to be an enjoyable learning experience for all – which is why we limit our class sizes, ensuring every attendee can be engaged. It is very interactive, including a variety of group exercises in addition to the presentations. We cycle through our collection of modules, so you can renew several times without getting the same course twice – on busy courses, we even strive to offer electives. We provide an entire selection of handouts and resources to match our presentations. Regardless of your instructor rating class, we are confident you’ll leave having learned new material. Some other benefits of our program include:

  • Professional conference facilities with accommodation available on site.
  • Free parking and Wi-Fi for all attendees.
  • More instructional hours than other courses, but also the most flexible.
  • Student-centred learning philosophy.
  • Extensive handouts, videos, and other resources to keep.
  • Networking with professionals from across Canada and beyond.
  • Commemorative course photograph.
  • Personal copy of "Guide to Personnel Licensing", a $20 value.
  • Convenience, service, quality, and value that can't be matched.

How it works

Transport Canada allows flight instructors to renew their ratings through a professional development course, instead of doing a flight test. While a flight test proves you meet the minimum standards, a professional development program gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself, improving your skill and knowledge. A quick cost comparison also puts the refresher course in the lead: it’s tax free, and we offer CRA tuition receipts which can save you over $100 on your next tax return.

When you sign up, you receive access to our on-line e-FresherTM that you complete anytime before the in-person conference. Following successful completion of both the on-line and in-person portions, your rating is renewed*.

Please review our FAQs to learn even more about the program!

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† Actual return depends on individual tax situation and province of residence.
* Eligibility to renew and renewal application is the sole responsibility of the attendee.